Do the Rebels stack up?

We know Ole Miss is a pretty good football team after watching the Rebels handle Texas Tech 47-27 on Saturday. But exactly how good are they?

I conducted a Twitter poll, and a number of those who responded expect wins over at least one or two SEC teams currently in the Top 25.

One college football writer thinks the Rebels belong in that mix, too.

As for me, I could see the Rebels knocking off any one of Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State or South Carolina, but the sample pool is still a little too small for me to think the Ole Miss defense will be able to stop an SEC opponent on a consistent basis. I’m not saying the Rebels can’t do it, I just need to see more.

Saturday’s win was a nice start, as the Rebels held Texas Tech to 164 yards rushing. This is a definite improvement over the 245 rushing yards per game that Ole Miss allowed last year, but the Red Raiders never fully committed to running the football (39 rushing attempts, 56 passing attempts) and still managed 4.2 yards per carry. That’s a little worrisome in light of the offensive lines and running backs to come.

All that said, I’m thankful to be here on the backside of Week 1, thinking Ole Miss has a chance against Top 25 competition. It means the Rebels won, and we’re 1-0, and that is so much more fun than being 0-1.

Since I work in an office full of Tennessee fans, I can personally attest to that.