The Good News and Bad News about the Ole Miss Rebels

First, the good news.

The Ole Miss offense is awesome.

Jordan Ta’amu looks like a dang PlayStation QB brought to life. All he does is throw bombs, and all NWO does is catch them. It’s a sight to behold really. I would tune in to watch these guys play all season long.

Thanks to the balance added by Scottie Phillips, this may be the best offense in the country before all is said and done.

Unfortunately, it has to be.

Because the defense is one of the worst in the country…again.

You read that graphic right.

After playing a mediocre Big 12 team and an FCS school, the Ole Miss defense is No. 123 in the country.

These guys are bad.

And you might as well buckle up because they probably aren’t going to get better. There’s not an easy fix to what we witnessed on Saturday.

For Ole Miss to win SEC games this season, the Rebels will have to score 50+ points per game, and let’s just be honest for a second, that’s unlikely against teams like Alabama, LSU and Auburn.

But it might be possible against Arkansas and Vanderbilt.

Who gets the blame for the defense?

Is it really a talent issue?

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Ole Miss doesn’t have good enough talent to be a Top 50 or Top 60 defense. There is something else going on here, and I don’t know what it is, but I’m so tired of hearing about getting “eyes right” and “fitting gaps” and “communicating”.