WANTED: A defense

The time to act is now.

Ole Miss got whipped in every phase of the game in a 62-7 loss to Alabama and if you watched then you know the final score would have been much worse if Nick Saban hadn’t taken his pitch fork out of the Rebels’ throats shortly after halftime.

Many people will talk about how good Alabama is, and they would be correct, but the Rebels were embarrassed. The offense was completely shut down save the very first play of the game, and the defense might as well have been holding directional signs to the endzone.


Matt Luke and Wesley McGriff are really fortunate that Saban isn’t the type to try to humiliate an opposing coach (as if 49 unanswered points in the first half isn’t humiliating enough). Truly, Alabama could have scored 100 if it had wanted to do so, and I almost wish that it had just so the changes that need to be made can get underway without having to hear another coach talk about execution or focus.

Kent State is next. Nobody likes midseason coaching changes, but if ever there was an appropriate time for a midseason switch it’s now. The defense is in a tailspin and McGriff does not have the answers. With nine games to play, Ole Miss owes it to the players to give them a chance to improve.

These next two weeks would be the perfect time to make the transition. Otherwise, prepare for more of the same. LSU will not show any mercy on September 29. I can promise you that.

I’ll be the first to admit that it may be too late to see any improvement this season, but it’s worth a shot. Not doing something would be the equivalent of giving up.

Getting plowed under by every single offense the rest of the season is going to hurt recruiting, attendance and wins. Matt Luke’s tenure may not recover from it. Something has to be done.