Kent State is not a gimme (for Ole Miss)

Be forewarned.

Kent State has a pretty good quarterback. His name is Woody Barrett. He’s a transfer from Auburn, and he passed the ball 41 times against Illinois, connecting on 27 of them for 270 yards. Barrett also rushed for 117 yards.

Having watched the Ole Miss defense play three times now, I can write definitively that you have every right to be very afraid of a quarterback that can run and pass. The Rebels are not good at defending either. See Exhibit 1.

The Illinois defense compares favorably to Ole Miss. The Fighting Illini currently rank 115th in total defense, whereas the Rebels are down deep in the dregs at 126th (out of a possible 129…yeesh).

If Barrett did that to Illinois, the Ole Miss defense is about to give up some yards and points.

Kent State was crushed by Penn State last week, but don’t even think about comparing Ole Miss to Penn State.  In that loss, Barrett passed the ball 38 times.

The moral of this story is that Woody Barrett is going to pass the football around against Ole Miss, and he’s probably going to run, too. So just get ready.

Things to know about Kent State:

  1. Also known as the Golden Flashes.
  2. Defense is currently ranked 108 in NCAA.
  3. Kent State is a member of the MAC (in other words, not an FCS school like say…Southern Illinois).
  4. Kent State is 1-2, with losses to Illinois (31-24) and Penn State (63-10) and a win over Howard (54-14).

It probably goes without saying that this game is not a gimme, but I know there are those who are out there who believe it is. Don’t.

No game is a gimme when your team’s defense is in complete disarray.

All that said, Jordan Ta’amu and NWO should return to form and score some points as Kent State’s defense isn’t very good either.

Brace yourself for a game that looks a lot like the Southern Illinois game. Only this time, you shouldn’t get mad because you know what to expect.

That is all.

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