Ole Miss gets a do-over

Okay. It’s not really a do-over, but after getting beat by Alabama 62-7, this next game against LSU feels like a lot like do-over.

Do you remember do-overs?

When I was a kid, I sought a “do-over” many a time when competing with friends.

For example, when playing HORSE.

If I tried to make a shot backwards and bricked it, I would scream “do-over” and then make up some excuse for why I was entitled to a do-over.

Perhaps the wind was blowing too hard. Or my friend was mouth breathing too loud. Something. Anything for a do-over.

Ole Miss vs. LSU is the Rebels’ chance at a do-over on that Alabama game.

The Tigers are good football team. A Top 5 team according to the latest AP Poll. The defense looked better that stout against both Miami and Auburn.

This is the Rebels’ chance to look like it belongs on the same football field with a Top 10 football team.

Against Alabama, that was not the case.

So, this is the chance for Ole Miss to change the story. For the offense to be dynamic against a premier defense. For the defense to finally clamp down an opposing offense.

The stars will have to align. Lightning will have to strike, too.

But 10 years ago today, Ole Miss pulled off an improbable upset of Florida that nobody saw coming, especially your’s truly proving that anything can happen. Just ask Tim Tebow.

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