Ole Miss defense paves way for Joe Burrow to get an SEC offensive honor

As I said in my podcast today, some of the Ole Miss defensive woes can be pinned on the offense for making them be on the field so dang long. However, lest anyone mistakenly believe the Ole Miss defense is improving, let’s take a look at Joe Burrow’s stats leading up to the Ole Miss game.

Miami: 140 yds passing, 14 yds rushing
SELA: 151 yds passing, 20 yds rushing
Auburn: 249 yds passing, 22 yds rushing
Louisiana Tech: 191 yds passing, 2 yds rushing

Even against the Louisiana directional schools, Burrow’s numbers are pedestrian at best.

Now, let’s take a look at what Burrow did against Ole Miss!

292 yards passing. 96 yards rushing. 

Somebody give this man the SEC Player of the Week Award!

Unfortunately, Burrow is the first of many that will enjoy career games against Ole Miss this season.

Another note:

SELA held the Tigers to 31 points while Louisiana Tech allowed 38. The Tigers scored 45 against Ole Miss.

I think you get my point here.