Arkansas presents good test case for how Ole Miss will look against bad to mediocre SEC competition

As an Ole Miss fan, a 4-2 record in early October normally feels pretty good. The post-season is just two wins away (for teams that are eligible for that kind of thing), and that seems doable with six remaining.

But this 4-2 record doesn’t come with the usual optimism, and that’s mostly due to the defensive struggles we’ve witnessed and because the offense has looked sub-par against the likes of Alabama, LSU and even in that first half against Kent State.

But after a complete annihilation of Louisiana Monroe, maybe the offense has found the secret sauce.

We’ll find out on Saturday. That’s when Ole Miss takes on 1-5 Arkansas.

For the Rebels to win this game, the offense is going to have to be positively on point. I shouldn’t have to write that about a game against an opponent that’s 1-5 with losses to Colorado State and North Texas, but because of the defensive issues it’s just the truth. Even after the win over ULM, the Ole Miss defense is still 123rd in Total Defense.

Arkansas will score.

Jordan Ta’amu and NWO will have to bring their A-game for the Rebels to win. I am genuinely curious as to whether Phil Longo’s offense will be good enough against a bad SEC team for that to happen. Here’s hoping. Otherwise, 4-2 will erode to 4-8 over the next two months.