Ole Miss loses to Arkan…wait…what?

There is no way anyone that watched the first three and a half quarters of this game thought Ole Miss was leaving Little Rock with a W.

And let’s be honest. The Rebels were destined to lose even in the 3rd quarter, because the Razorbacks were knifing through the Ole Miss defense like soft butter. The starting running back (Boyd) had 109 yards on 7 carries. But then Arkansas lost that same running back and his backup to injury. And then Ole Miss safety Zedrick Woods laid the Wood to Arkansas QB Ty Storey and knocked him out…literally. And suddenly a defense with no chance had a chance.

Arkansas’ bad fortune shouldn’t take away from a masterful performance by Jordan Ta’amu. A running Ta’amu is an absolute killer, and Ta’amu ran a lot. He ran for 141 yards and passed for 387 more. Arkansas was helpless to stop him. (MORE TA’AMU RUNS PLEASE)

And somehow what seemed so unlikely for most of the game happened – Ole Miss won.

Maybe the why doesn’t matter. Ole Miss won and moved to 5-2.

The Basement trophy belongs to Arkansas.

We should be ecstatic to be 5-2, but the Ole Miss defense is still appallingly bad. The Rebels won by the hair of their chinny chin chin against a now 1-6 Arkansas that lost to North Texas a lot worse than this.

The fact that we are celebrating barely surviving Arkansas feels wrong, but I guess that’s just where Ole Miss is as a program right now. It’s not great. Even though it’s 5-2. That’s ordinarily a really good start for Ole Miss.

It’s complicated.

Life is weird.