The Ole Miss defense is the medicine Gus Malzahn needs

In our last episode, Ole Miss narrowly escaped Arkansas only after the Razorbacks lost their starting quarterback and top two running backs to injury.

The Rebels may be the most unconvincing 5-2 football team I have ever seen.

Defensively, Ole Miss was still letting Arkansas do almost whatever it wanted. It took injuries to the Razorbacks three best offensive players for the Rebs to have a chance. Seven games in, it’s safe to say Wesley McGriff’s unit is not likely to change this season.

Which brings us to Auburn and Gus Malzahn’s $32 million buyout. Ole Miss may not be bowl eligible but the Rebels have the rare opportunity to cost Auburn $32 million with a win over the Tigers this weekend.

Auburn’s problem is that Malzahn’s offense doesn’t work without Cam Newton or Brandon Marshall at QB. Or so it seems. After losing to Tennessee, Auburn fans are sick and tired of watching it flounder. If Malzahn’s offense is in any way hindered by one of the worst defenses in the country (Ole Miss) then that will undoubtedly start the hat passing in Alabama.

Malzahn is not a stupid man. He has seen Ole Miss film. Auburn doesn’t have to be cute. Just run the ball off right tackle four out of every five plays and the SEC Network will be calling Malzahn an offensive genius by halftime. Sad to say, but the Ole Miss defense is exactly what Malzahn needs right now.

Just like every other Ole Miss game, for the Rebels to have any chance of winning Jordan Ta’amu will have to light the dadgum offensive record book on fire. I just don’t see that happening against Auburn.

I guess what I’m saying here is…Ole Miss is about to be 5-3.