How to Stay Sane in November

Ole Miss has gotten way too predictable. There’s really not much fun in stating the obvious. Defense bad. Offense can be good, but not good enough.

Cheering for Ole Miss the rest of the way is going to be a lot like cheering for my kid’s soccer team. I don’t go to her games because I’m invested in the wins and losses. I go because I’m invested in her. I just want her to play hard, get better and have fun.

Ole Miss is 5-4 and will be or should be underdogs in all three of its remaining games. I plan to watch every one of them, just like I watch my daughter’s soccer games. I just want the Rebels to try hard, get better and have fun.

This may sound absurd to some of you, but for me it’s self preservation. You can’t watch these last games expecting W’s. It’s just not realistic and it will only lead to pain and sorrow.

At this point winning is a bonus. An egg bowl win would be a bonus with a free cruise thrown in.

If you can’t watch the last three games with a similar mindset you may want to find a different way to occupy your time because if you’re planning to watch Ole Miss and expecting wins then pain is in your future.