The Search for OC Continues…

I was not one of those in the camp thinking that Ole Miss had to have Will Hall as offensive coordinator. That’s mostly because I don’t know much about Hall, other than his Mississippi high school football pedigree, and not many others do either. I’ve never watched one of his teams play. Maybe he would have been great. I really just don’t know.

Therefore, I’m not among those freaking out because Hall has withdrawn from consideration.

However, I am concerned as to why this search is lingering and what kind of hire can be expected in January.

It’s getting a little late in the coaching search season to expect to attract a splashy name. Now that early signing day has already come and gone, splashy is probably less important than just plain good. Ole Miss needs to make a good hire.

I’m still holding on to hope that will happen.

But this search stretching into January makes me nervous.