Matt Luke hit a couple very much needed home runs with his coordinator hires

If you had told me in the 24 hours after the Egg Bowl disaster concluded that in a little over a month Ole Miss would have Mike MacIntyre as defensive coordinator and Rich Rodriguez as offensive coordinator I would have accused you of dipping into the Egg Nog prematurely and a few too many times.

The Rebels looked like a sinking ship, and frankly, I didn’t think Matt Luke would be able to convince a coordinator of any renown to come aboard.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, while money can’t buy happiness, it can buy coordinators ($2.5 million annually between MacIntyre and Rodriguez), and the Rebels bought a couple of good ones in MacIntyre and Rodriguez. I’m not saying these guys are magicians that can make Ole Miss a contender overnight, there are still talent and depth issues to deal with, but nobody will be able to accuse these experienced coaches of not knowing what they are doing either.

Each has experienced success. Each has produced a winner. Each has “been there before.”

I have newfound hope for Ole Miss football.

Rodriguez to receive $1 million annually

Ole Miss set to hire Rodriguez as offensive coordinator

MacIntyre gets $1.5 million annually


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