The Rebels won’t stay down, but they are down for now

Although it’s really easy to get down on Ole Miss after watching it get taken to the woodshed by the Alabama Crimson Tide on Tuesday night, I’m not going to do that. I’ve seen too much evidence of what the Rebels can be when they’re playing well.

Terence Davis and Breein Tyree both had a bad night. Really bad. Davis fouled out earlier than I’ve ever seen a player foul out before. I’m betting the both of them no-showing at the same time won’t happen too often this season.

Plus, if Kermit Davis is the coach we think he is then he will be able to take the abysmal performance in Tuscaloosa and use it to make his team better. That’s the hope.

And let’s also not forget that Alabama is a better basketball team that it’s 2-3 conference record reflected. The Tide owns a win over Kentucky and took No. 1 Tennessee to the wire in Knoxville last weekend. Losing to Bama isn’t going to be a huge black eye for Ole Miss in the long run, but in the near term, expect the Rebels to fall from the Top 25 rankings and in the bracket predictions.

The good news is that there is still a lot of basketball to play, and 14-4 (4-2 SEC) isn’t a terrible place to be.

Kermit Davis was not pleased with Terence Davis