Get it done, Rebs

I guess that thing I keep reading about the NCAA bubble being weak is true. Ole Miss is 37th in the NET, even after losing at Arkansas on Saturday.  That means the Rebels actually rose one spot from 38th despite a 2-game losing skid.

Joe Lunardi of ESPN currently projects the Rebels as a 10-seed.

Kentucky visits the Pavilion tonight (8:00, ESPN).

A win over the Wildcats (NET #5) would push Ole Miss into the bracket for good.

A loss means the Rebels probably need to beat Mizzou on Saturday. The Tigers are 13-15 and 4-12 in the SEC. No matter how weak the bubble is, the Rebels can’t end the season on a 4-game losing streak that includes a loss to Mizzou and expect to get in.

Thus, Mizzou is probably a must-win game if Ole Miss loses to Kentucky. That’s just this blogger’s opinion.

But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

It’s Senior Night, and wouldn’t it be special for Terence Davis and the other seniors to get that 20th win and clinch an NCAA berth at home against the Kentucky Wildcats?

Ole Miss narrowly lost to Tennessee just a week ago.

If the Rebels get a hot hand, play great defense and work hard for rebounds, they can beat Kentucky. It almost happened against the Vols. It can happen against the Wildcats.

Let’s do this thing.