Sooners blow Ole Miss out of gym in disappointing finish to pretty good season

Ole Miss punched a ticket to the Dance and then fell flat on its face as Oklahoma raced to a 12-0 lead and finished with a 95-72 win.

The Rebs were never in it.

I’m not sure what happened to this team late in the season, as the Rebs lost 6 of their last 8, but Ole Miss didn’t seem ready to play against Alabama and the same looked true against the Sooners.

Baffling how effort could be an issue in the NCAA Tournament, but whatevs…

Maybe the truth is this team over-achieved early in the season and never really belonged here anyway.

Good luck arguing that the Rebs did belong after this blowout.

Oklahoma was 7-11 in the Big 12. These weren’t the Duke Blue Devils. Though Ole Miss did make the Sooners look like a contender.

It’s over now.

Kermit Davis has promise as a coach. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with another year or two to recruit.

If Breein Tyree sticks around he could have a really special senior season. Devontae Shuler could explode into a star, too. But they need help. Kermit needs to get out there and find some help down low. If successful, next year could be fun.