DK Metcalf and AJ Brown should find their NFL homes tonight

The 1st round of the NFL Draft turned into a long Thursday night for DK Metcalf and AJ Brown, but Friday should be a good one for both players as I don’t expect either to be available after the 3rd round.

Of course I’m disappointed neither went in the 1st round, mostly because I hate to see them miss out on the money that comes along with it.

As an aside, the whole process pained me for Metcalf. He went from being the story of the NFL Draft and a possible Top 10 selection with everyone in awe of his size, speed and strength at the Combine to being totally picked apart in the final days leading up to the draft. Suddenly, his cone drill time became the biggest factor. So weird. If Metcalf had known it was all going to go down like that I’m sure he would have been happier to stay in Oxford. This should be fuel for Metcalf’s fire. Some NFL team is going to get a great wide receiver tonight.

I was also really hoping the Patriots were going to select Brown as was projected by some, because that would have been a huge break for him to begin his career with the greatest quarterback of all time under center.