Even if it wasn’t a touchdown, Ole Miss got robbed of a critical replay by the Pac-12’s instant replay officials

There is absolutely no question that the second to last play of the game should have been reviewed by instant replay.

If you listen to the Pac-12’s statement on the game ending officiating blunder all the way until the end of the statement, you’ll hear the Pac-12’s VP of officiating say, “given the closeness of the call, and that it was an end of game scenario, it probably should have been stopped by instant replay for review.”

Thus, putting aside whether Moore actually had a touchdown catch, which I believe he did upon the second his toes hit the turf with the ball tucked in his left hand over the plane, the play should have been reviewed. It was definitely a close enough call that it deserved a look because even sitting here on Monday morning, 48 hours removed from the play, it’s like the blue dress gold dress debate all over again. Different people see different things. Instant replay should have looked.

If instant replay had done the right thing, Ole Miss might not have been given the touchdown, but it would have been given very precious time to organize for its final play,  which probably would have resulted in a better play call and certainly more readiness at the end of game.

The Rebs got robbed.