Fast, Faster, Fastest – Monday Rundown

I don’t know who is faster, Jerrion Ealy, Snoop Conner or John Rhys Plumlee, but I know it’s really hard to catch them. I suppose that’s why Bleacher Report ranked the Ole Miss backfield in it’s national Top 10. It’s an entertaining read for those of you, who, like me, are dying to read about sports for a change.

Speaking of JRP, this thread will get your mouth watering for football. You have to click the Tweet to see the thread. Worth it, in my opinion.

And speaking of JRP again, here’s Lane Kiffin talking about how he picks a quarterback, which may be of interest for those of you out there that are convinced someone other than JRP could or should win the starting job. Personally, I think it’s JRP’s job, especially since spring practice was cancelled.

Kermit Davis was front in center when college coaches from across Mississippi gathered at the state capitol last week to lobby the legislature to take down state flag. He talks about the experience.

Former Ole Miss player Blake Hinson claims he transferred to Iowa State because of the state flag, but I think I discovered the real reason. It’s called “the Bench”.Β  Check out this roster for next year.