Ole Miss could get bowl eligible this weekend and that’s a big deal

It’s Vanderbilt week, and the Ole Miss Rebels are 17-point favorites.

With a win Ole Miss (5-0, 1-0 SEC) will become bowl eligible in the first week of October.

You probably aspire for more than that. When Lane Kiffin is your head coach and your team is 16-3 over its last 19 games you might be tempted to take bowl eligibility for granted.

However, a “mature” Ole Miss fan like me knows not to do that.

In my time on this earth the Rebels have been to 19 bowl games. That may sound like a lot to a few of you, but I’ve been alive 47 years.

That means I’ve experienced 28 years when the season ended in November and the only bowl game was a sloppy brawl against Mississippi State.

That means I’ve lived through 28 sad Christmas’s and New Years watching other teams play and consoling myself by cheering for “SEC” schools as though I as an Ole Miss fan could somehow take pride in those victories.

And so, should Ole Miss do as it should and achieve a victory over Vanderbilt on Saturday I will be thankful for 6-0 and holiday football plans.