We lost. Now what?

There’s something about winning seven straight games that makes that first loss hurt worse than it would if you watched your team lose its second game of the season to Memphis.

Ask me how I know.

So I needed 48 hours and several adult beverages at the Tennessee Titans game to process what exactly happened when LSU manhandled Ole Miss on Saturday afternoon.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. The Rebs simply got dominated in almost every phase of the game.

The Ole Miss defense made Jayden Daniels look like the second coming of Johnny Manziel the way he was skating around defenders and throwing, dare I say, darts to a plethora of open receivers. Tackling, getting pressure on Daniels and covering receivers were all major issues much like they were against Auburn.

And on offense the befuddling disappearing Rebs did that thing again where they looked like the most unstoppable team in college football for about a quarter and half and then POOF! they disappeared. Ole Miss didn’t score a single point in the second half.

Bad tackling, not covering, not getting pressure on the quarterback and not scoring in the second half of a football game will equal an SEC loss nine times out of ten.

And that’s the really concerning part.

Ole Miss has Texas A&M, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi State left on the schedule.

The problems have to be fixed or 7-1 could easily turn into 7-5.

This is why Lane Kiffin and his assistants get paid the big bucks. They’ve got to figure it out, and they’ve got to do it now because Ole Miss faces the desperate Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday.